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Why You Should Use Victron VRM And BMV-712 For Remote Monitoring

Victron VRM and BMV-712 are two of the most effective and reliable solutions for remote monitoring. With their advanced technology and features, Victron energy VRM and BMV offer a range of advantages that make them ideal for use in any remote monitoring application.


Victron Energy’s VRM (Virtual Remote Management) and BMV (Battery Monitor Voltage) systems are designed with the user in mind. Their intuitive interface makes navigating menus, settings, and data easy. The systems can be accessed remotely from any device with an internet connection, allowing users to monitor and manage their energy systems anywhere in the world. Users can also customize their systems to display only the information that is relevant to them, making it easier to find the data they need quickly. Additionally, the systems feature step-by-step installation guides, which makes setup a breeze.

Accurate Data

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV systems provide incredibly accurate data. The system measures the current and voltage of your solar or battery system with extremely high accuracy, allowing you to have total control over your energy system. The system will enable you to track data from multiple sources, such as inverters, charge controllers, and batteries, giving you a complete picture of what’s going on in your energy system. With this accuracy and detailed information, you can trust that Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV will yield reliable results. It also gives you access to historical data, which can be used to make informed decisions about your energy usage. Additionally, if any changes need to be made to your system, you can quickly implement these changes thanks to the system’s flexibility.

Victron Energy BMV 712You Can Use It With Multiple Devices.

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV can be used with multiple devices simultaneously. This makes it easy to monitor and manage different devices in different locations. You can monitor and manage inverters, batteries, solar panels, generators, etc. With VRM and BMV, you can keep track of all your power sources in one place, making it easier to monitor your system. Furthermore, VRM and BMV are compatible with many communication protocols, so setting up and connecting multiple devices is easy. This makes it simple to monitor your power sources from any location, anytime remotely.

No Need For The Physical Installation

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV products allow you to monitor your energy systems without installing anything physically. All you need is a good internet connection to access the data from anywhere. You don’t have to waste time and money traveling to the site to install the necessary equipment. You can access the data remotely and make any necessary changes or adjustments. The installation process is quick and easy; you don’t need to hire professionals. This makes it an ideal solution for those looking for a cost-effective way to monitor their energy systems. Moreover, the data collected by Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV solutions are highly reliable, making them suitable for industrial applications where accuracy is critical.

Easy To Set Up

Victron Energy VRM and BMV systems are incredibly easy to set up. All you need to do is download the app onto your device, connect your battery and solar panel system, and follow the instructions on the app. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience; it only takes a few minutes to get everything running smoothly. The app also provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams to guide you. Once you’ve set up the system, you can use the app to monitor your batteries and solar panels remotely. This makes it incredibly simple for anyone to manage their energy resources from anywhere in the world.

Customizable Victron Energy BMV 712 And VRM

Victron Energy BMV 712 and VRM systems are highly customizable, making them suitable for various applications. Users can configure the system with easy-to-use software to fit their exact needs. Whether monitoring just one battery or a complex array of multiple batteries and inverters, they can tailor the system to their specifications. The software also allows users to set up alarms and notifications to keep track of their batteries’ performance. Users can even view historical data, allowing them to make informed decisions about managing their power system best. These features can be configured to ensure the system works optimally and efficiently.

It Can Be Used With Any Battery.

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV systems can be used with any type of battery, including Lithium-ion, Lead-acid, and Nickel-Metal Hydride. This means that you can take advantage of their remote monitoring and management features regardless of the type of battery you’re using. With the VRM and BMV systems, you can keep track of your battery’s health and status and set up alerts for when the battery is low or needs to be recharged. Furthermore, you can set up a schedule to automatically recharge your batteries at predetermined times. This makes it easy to ensure your battery never goes below its minimum safe level, saving you time and money in the long run.

It Can Be Used With Any Inverter.

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV are highly versatile regarding inverter compatibility. You can connect almost any type of inverter, from small-scale to large-scale ones, to the system for remote monitoring. This ensures that you have complete control over your energy source, regardless of the size or brand of the inverter. The information from the inverter is sent directly to the system so that you can track your energy use in real time. You can also use the system to adjust settings and make necessary changes. With the VRM and BMV, you don’t have to worry about being restricted by your inverter, as you can customize the system to meet your needs. Furthermore, you can access data on the go with their mobile app – an excellent option for those who travel frequently. Additionally, this system allows you to switch between different energy sources like solar or wind, giving you more options and flexibility with your renewable energy sources.

It Can Be Used With Solar Panels.

Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV systems can also be used in solar power applications. With the addition of a Phoenix Inverter/Charger, it is possible to monitor your solar system remotely. The data collected can be used to optimize your system’s efficiency and identify any potential problems. You can monitor the amount of energy being produced, as well as any issues that may arise. Additionally, the system can be set up to automatically adjust the charge rate to ensure the most efficient use of your solar energy. This makes it possible to get the most out of your solar system while reducing your electricity bills. By monitoring your system, you can also be alerted when something needs to be fixed or adjusted to keep your system running at its optimal level.


Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV systems provide an easy-to-use, accurate, and reliable solution for remote monitoring. They are designed for any battery, inverters, and solar panels, so you can customize your system to fit your needs. Additionally, the setup is easy, and no physical installation is required. Overall, Victron Energy’s VRM and BMV systems provide an excellent solution for monitoring your power system remotely.

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