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When it comes to bunion surgery, most people are afraid of the pain and discomfort that they may have to go through during recovery. One way of helping you get through the ordeal is by wearing the right kind of shoes. Keep reading to learn about our best sandals for bunions.

 What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a painful bump that can develop on the side of your big toe. It’s caused by an imbalance in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the big toe joint. The big toe may angle toward the second toe and rub against it, causing friction and irritation. This results in thickening of tissue around the joint, forming a bump under the skin at the edge of your foot. The bump may develop into a painful corn or callus (skin thickening). A bunion can also cause pain behind your ankle and inside your footwear.

Women's Shoes For Swollen FeetWho gets bunions?

Bunions are more common in women, who are usually born with them. But they may develop at any age and affect people of all races. You’re more likely to get one if you have an inherited tendency toward bunions or other foot deformities or if you have certain problems with your feet that make them weak and unstable.

What causes bunions?

The medical term for a bunion is hallux valgus. Hallux means big toe and valgus means turned inward (valgus means bent outward). These terms describe what happens when the joint that connects the bones of your big toe becomes enlarged due to an abnormal growth of bone or soft tissue around it. The large bone at the end of your foot (the metatarsal) becomes enlarged because it no longer fits snugly into its normal position between two smaller bones (the first and second cuneiforms). As a result, it starts to protrude from its normal position next to these bones, forming a bump.

Benefits of Orthopaedic sandals for bunions

Wearing a shoe with a bunion can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. This is where our special shoes for bunions and hammertoes come in. These fashionable sandals for bunions have the following benefits to them:

Less Risk of Injury: Wearing proper shoes can help prevent bunions from getting worse or causing more damage to the surrounding tissue. You’ll need bunion shoes if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Pain in your big toe joint
  • Discomfort when walking, running or climbing stairs
  • Skin irritation around the joint area

Reduced Pressure and Impact During Workout

Bunion sandals work by providing support for your feet and relieving pressure from the b-union area. Pretty sandals for bunions also have special features that make them easy to put on and take off, so you don’t have to remove them when you’re walking around in them all day long! There are two main types of bunion shoes: closed-toe footwear and open-toe footwear. Closed-toe footwear looks like regular shoes with a strap across at the top so you can easily slip them on and off without taking off your socks or pants first! Open-toe footwear is similar but has an open top.

Freedom of Movement

Orthopaedic sandals for bunions allow freedom of movement. This is important because bunions can cause pain and discomfort in the big toe joint. A bunion develops when the big toe pushes outwards, causing inflammation. This causes the joint to swell, or become inflamed. The position of the big toe changes to accommodate this swelling and changes in shape. A bunion shoe can help relieve pain from a bunion by allowing your foot to move more freely. It also helps prevent further damage to your joints by distributing pressure evenly across the entire foot. Bunions are painful, but they don’t have to be debilitating. If you have bunions, there are plenty of things you can do at home to help relieve their pain and discomfort. This includes wearing our orthopedic sandals for bunions designed specially for them.

More Comfortable

Bunion sandals for women are designed to fit around bunions and help correct the way your feet present themselves when you walk or run. They also have wider toe boxes so that your toes have room to spread out comfortably as you move about.

Wider Toe Box: Best bunion corrector sandals feature a wider toe box, which allows your toes to move freely without rubbing against each other. This also helps you walk more comfortably and makes it easier to find shoes that are comfortable for you. When you wear bunion shoes, your toes can move around more naturally, which reduces the risk of injury. If you have bunions affecting multiple toes or if you have an unusually large bone on one side of your foot, bunion surgery may be recommended by your doctor. However, many people can get relief from their symptoms with bunion braces or other types of shoe inserts.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to offer you the best bunion shoes and orthotics for your feet. We know that it is difficult to find the right bunion corrector sandals for your problem feet, so we have assembled a collection of the best brands and styles from which you can choose. We have been working closely with the leading shoe manufacturers to be able to offer you these quality shoes at affordable prices. We are also constantly updating our product range with new and innovative products.


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