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Victron battery monitor

Cyrix Battery Combiner

Have you been utilizing diode isolators to link your batteries in parallel? Are you looking for a great and even superior replacement? Deep Cycle Systems will take care of everything for you. When the battery charging reaches the proper voltage level, they supply a Victron Cyrix battery combiner to enable you to connect the batteries in parallel.

The battery at that point has run 100% charge. To avoid high-voltage injury, this is essential. It also protects the battery from low-voltage harm by preventing it from draining further. In a nutshell, Cyrix by Victron is a battery indicator that lets you know if the battery is charged or depleted, and it’s an excellent substitute for diode isolators. Because Cyrix prevents control voltage loss, the battery charger’s output voltage does not need to be increased.

BMS Algorithms

When you buy an expensive high-quality lithium-ion battery bank, a battery monitoring system, or simply the Victron battery monitor, it is essential to monitor the battery’s state and health. The fundamental goal of the BMS is to guarantee that the battery pack runs safely and reliably. To create the estimated outputs, the BMS employs several algorithms:

State Of Charge:

The State of Charge, also known as the fuel gauge on your phone, indicates whether the phone is charged 80 percent, fully charged, and you receive a disconnection warning, or whether the phone is below a preset level, such as 20 percent, and you receive a notification to recharge your phone to avoid phone shutdown. If your phone’s battery needs to be charged, it may limit the use of several functions and programs, depending on the settings.

Health Status:

The BMS also creates a state of health estimate, which, at a high level, is how much capacity the Victron battery monitor can store compared to when he first obtained it or at the start of its life.

The BMS accepts a variety of inputs, including the following: Voltages:

Ø  Voltages in cells.

Ø  Voltage of the batteries.


BMS receives data from a variety of temperature sensors, which usually are sprinkled throughout the pack to determine the temperature distribution of the cells.

Current: The BMS reads the current going into or out of the pack, indicating whether the battery bank is charging or discharging to power-associated loads.

The Victron battery monitor is also available from Deep Cycle Systems to assist you to keep track of your battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours utilized, state of charge, and remaining time at the present rate of discharge. A regular RJ12 telephone wire may be used to connect it to your battery shunt. You may choose between a square or round Victron display look with their monitor equipped with the battery since it comes with a square bezel.

The VictronConnect app, which is accessible for all platforms, may also be used to check the battery from your smartphone, whether Apple or Android, tablet, PC, or Macbook. The product does, however, need the installation of a Bluetooth smart dongle. You can even change the settings using your smartphone.

Deep Cycle System: A Brief Overview

Victron smart battery sensing is one of the services offered by DCS, a well-known company. These services are provided by a number of different battery companies in Australia, but Deep Cycle System is one of the best.


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