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corporate t-shirt printing Sydney

We as a whole realize T-Shirts are great attires that go with different outfits and can be worked into a relaxed or semi-proficient look. Marked T-shirts are the most progressive frenzy, reaching out to the marketing scene as they are utilized as advertising tools.

Almost certainly in the market, competition is exceptionally high, and different organizations offer printed shirts to their clients either as treats going with their products or available to be purchased. Notwithstanding, assuming that you are looking for a corporate t-shirt printing Sydney don’t waste your time in the market. My Tees offer great customized printing T-shirts at a reasonable cost.

We are a customized printing company situated in Sydney. We have been working in this specialty for a really long time. We utilize our creative plans to make our work extraordinary and attractive.

Go ahead and send your favorite plans and get them printed fast! Nothing fulfills us more than seeing the delight on the client’s face when the task is completed, realizing that we conveyed what the client requested, and impressively more.

We offer novel printing administrations. We prize quality, amazing expertise, transparency, productivity, and devotion. We are likewise adaptable, intelligent, have speedy reasoning, and are appropriate to working in different conditions. Any way we offer a wide scope of printing administrations, for example,

  • Screen Printing
  • Weaving
  • Vinyl Printing

Screen Printing

Screen Printing, otherwise called Silk Screening, is the best strategy for printing plans on a shirt utilizing thick inks that lay on top of the shirt rather than soaking into the shirt. Most organizations use screen printing, and some time ago, it was the main method to create a wide scope of custom T-shirts. My Tees offers Screen Printing since it’s smarter to utilize Screen Printing.

Screen printing is better for illustrations with thicker inks with a few ink tones. Rather than other printing techniques, screen printing will take these shadings to leap out at you like a jack in the crate.

The thick ink will have a delicate inclination at whatever point contacted and make for a genuinely surprising look. Assuming that you’re in no rush and have insignificant tones for a shirt, we suggest Screen Printing. It looks incredible and is frequently more sensible for bigger quantities.

My Tees has worked in this specialty a few times and has finished many tasks with 100% results. We are the screen printing specialists, and no competitor can give the very outcomes at the very rates that we offer. We by and large undertake to outfit quality shirts with remarkable printing.


Weaving is decorating a texture that involves stitching pictures with the assistance of a needle, either thread or yarn. Weaving thread of clothing more aspects and permits your logo to add 3D effects to your attire.

Logo weaving is extraordinarily utilized for work outfits or different promotional materials. Many organizations use weaving to support their logo stand out in the market. Weaving logos are done on the left half of shirts and look sharp on polos and button-downs. They additionally look great on covers, sweatshirts, coats, and packs. Additionally, Embroider logos are generally utilized when the company goes for a more conventional look.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing on My Tees is an incredible item that can help businesses in a wide scope of circumstances. From signatures to logos to pictures, vinyl cutting advances permit us to put anything we want on a signature. At My Tees, we give Professional vinyl printing administrations to everyone at competitive rates. Vinyl printing offers a perfect, proficient examine whatever plan and shade you like.

In addition, to print your T-shirt today, our top-notch custom printing and configuration administration can put your image in front of clients at games, corporate days, and training events.

Corporate Printing T-Shirts

On the off chance that you are looking for corporate t-shirts in Sydney, at My Tees, we can custom print directly onto shirts utilizing top-notch textures and fast turnaround.

We can print the entire tone onto white, dull, or in different shadings notwithstanding, assuming it’s photographs, pictures, or your company logo. We utilize quality shirts and singlets to get the best completion for the time being a thing. Open in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes – there is no base request required. We can print shirts in a wide scope of thousands or single print runs.

Company T-Shirts

A most utilized method to promote a business today is designing a company t-shirt. This is an excellent advertising method, but printing and designing costs can be expensive too little to medium-sized businesses.

On the off chance that you are looking for company t-shirts, Sydney My Tees offers the client a wide variety of shirts to use as company shirts in their stock. All shirts are 100% cotton and are of the greatest quality in the business. We offer adult, youth, and long and short sleeve tees.

Promotional T-Shirts

Almost certainly, promotional t-shirts are the best decision for clients searching for modest custom t-shirts. We give comfortable and great promotional t-shirts in Sydney at a sensible cost. These custom shirts are our best-evaluated business T-shirts.

We utilize a screen printing strategy to guarantee our client’s strong plans, and shirts are pullover woven for lightweight energy. Printing is available single or two-sided on the front and back, with different shirt tones to peruse to make a custom shirt for our client.

Why Choose Us

My Tees offer top-notch benefits; our foremost priority is customers satisfaction. We endeavor to meet the requirement of our clients. We have served various customers with our expert and solid plan and print administrations to their utmost satisfaction. Most of our business is from repeat customers and verbal exchange recommendations, which stands as a testament to the quality of our administrations and reliability.

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