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How To Shop For A Unique Wedding Dress: What To Look For And How To Get It Here

When planning your dream wedding, there’s much to think about. You want everything to be perfect, meaning it’s not always easy to decide what goes and stays. One thing you may be tempted to cut out of your budget is having a custom-made wedding dress made by a professional designer. However, this can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make – not only in terms of monetary value but also in terms of how special it makes you feel on your big day! Here are some reasons why making your Ronald Joyce dress may be worth every penny:

Consider making it your “something blue.”

You’ve planned your cosmobella wedding dress down to the tiniest detail. You’ve selected your favorite flowers, picked out the perfect venue, and even found a dress you love (or at least one that fits). But there’s still one thing you haven’t decided on: Your “something blue.”

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding special and unique, consider adding a little something blue into each part of your ceremony—starting with the dress itself! Here are five reasons why it’s worth considering:

  • In some cultures, blue is considered unlucky (think about how many bridesmaids wear pink instead of blue at Chinese weddings). However, in other parts of the world, it symbolizes purity and virginity (because of its association with Mary), so if you’re looking for something traditional without going full-on, this may be just what you need!
  • There are many different shades available when it comes to this particular colour, from navy blue down to turquoise hues like teal or aquamarine—there’s plenty out there if yours doesn’t quite work out right away on any given day. So don’t worry too much about finding something specific yet–it’ll happen before long enough!

You can wear it again.

If you choose the right fabric, style and accessories for your wedding dress, you can wear it again.

The most important thing to remember when choosing fabric for your wedding dress is whether or not it will be comfortable to wear. If you have an outdoor destination wedding on a hot summer day, satin might not be the best option as it’s very heavy and holds heat close to the body. Cloth made of silk or polyester (like this wedding dress) would be more comfortable because they breathe better than heavier fabrics like tulle or taffeta.

cosmobella wedding dress

Another consideration when choosing a fabric is how much time and money you want to spend altering it? Satin is easy-to-alter but expensive; polyester blends are less expensive but harder to alter if needed; cotton blends require minimal alterations and tend to last longer than many other materials due to their durability.

The people you meet may be memorable.

  • The people you meet may be memorable.
  • The people you meet may be lifelong friends.
  • The people you meet maybe your family, including children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and their spouses/partners), who will ensure that the celebrations continue for generations to come!
  • The people you meet might inspire future business ventures or partnerships; after all, who doesn’t need a good accountant?

It’s something you’ll always have with you.

A wedding dress is more than just a piece of fabric. It’s the symbol of your marriage and something you can cherish forever. You may want to display it in your home or pass it to future generations. Some brides even wear their dresses again for other special occasions. If you’re looking for something memorable and sentimental, go ahead and make your gown!

The investment may be worth it.

With all these expenses, it’s easy to see that a wedding dress can cost you hundreds—and possibly even thousands—of dollars. Some experts say that the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,400. While others say, it can be as high as $5,000!

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend all your hard-earned money on just one thing for only one day in your life, then this may be an investment worth making.

If you continue to maintain the dress, it can last a lifetime.

  • You can have it cleaned and preserved. Plenty of options will do the trick if you want to keep your dress in pristine condition. A dry cleaner can clean your gown and make sure it doesn’t get damaged by stains or wrinkles over time.
  • You can have it altered. It is a great option for any bride who wants to make their dress fit better as they lose weight after the wedding day.
  • You can have it repaired. In some cases, repairs are more affordable than purchasing a new piece of clothing altogether! It’s best to take your dress to a professional sawist for this work; otherwise, you may end up with an even worse mess than what you started!
  • You can update the style or fabric of your gown depending on its age. If yours is 20 years old or older (or even has loose stitching), this could be an excellent way to breathe new life into one of your favorite outfits from long ago without having to buy another entirely from scratch! Remember that updating isn’t always possible depending on how much damage has been done over time. So make sure beforehand whether or not that would cause problems later down the line before starting any projects yourself!


We hope this has given you some ideas about a way to make your wedding dress unique. If you are considering a custom dress, contact Sposabella Bridal. They would love to help you! We offer a range of services from sewing to alterations and repairs so that you can have the perfect garment for your special day. 

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