Best Deep Cycle Battery for Extended Power Backup for Boats

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When installing a battery in your RV or Marine, you need to be sure what type of application you are installing it for. It is important to use the right type of battery for the proper purpose. If you’re looking for home deep cycle batteries to supply power to equipment inside an RV or Marine, you’ve come to the right place.

Marine Battery Cell

Seafarers, naval personnel, shipowners, and boat owners are essential factors in transporting consignments around the world. Maritime transport largely depends on electricity, while deep cycle battery units play an important role in meeting energy demand. Gone are the times when marine engineers were only left with the option of using generator power. PV solar panels and deep cycle batteries for sea transport have reduced the energy problem.

Deep cycle heavy-duty batteries are perfect because the sturdy construction design can withstand the vibrations and pounding that are part of trips. The good news is that this Lithium-Ion Marine Battery is lightweight and comes equipped with state-of-the-art features. As a seafarer, you must go for the best and most reliable battery solution as you cannot go to the supplier while traveling, just like in automobiles.

Marine Battery Types

There are three basic types of marine batteries:

  • Marine starting batteries are known to supply an initial high startup power for a specific short time to start the engine. An alternator usually recharges these starter batteries.
  • Marine Deep Cycle Batteries are backup battery packs for some power loads. These batteries are designed to slowly release stored electrical power to provide longer backup times. These battery cells provide thousands of charging and discharging cycles. We recommend using a lithium-ion battery pack to power trolling motors and other electrical equipment on board, i.e., windlass, depth finder, marine audio system, lighting, fish locator, etc.
  • Marine dual-purpose batteries They are capable of performing the functions of both marine starting batteries and marine deep cycle batteries. Marine boats are usually overcrowded, and it’s hard to find a place to install a tool or two batteries for more backup power. Using a single LiFePo4 battery is ideal as these are known to have high energy density and are lightweight.

What Brand to Get Deep Cycle Batteries From?

Deep Cycle Systems, has been in this business for years and have gained vast experience in this field. Efficiency and customer satisfaction, along with value for money, is their top priority, and they never compromise on them. The deep cycle battery that they offer has a lot of features like;

  • It will provide no gasping, which means zero hazards.
  • It has a high tolerance to freezing temperatures, making it suitable for Australian conditions.
  • It has a very low self-discharge rate which enables them to be stored unused for long periods of time.
  • It has a very low internal resistance, which ensures less heating while recharging.

So, call them today at 1300-795-327 or email at to get the best deep cycle batteries at the best rates.


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